Debby Lee Anderson

Welcome! This is my space where I let my creativity flow, share my passion for interior design, fashion, travel, a few of the thoughts that bounce around in my busy brain and a few wisdoms from life lessons I’ve learned. I hope you find something here that inspires you! Thanks for visiting. xo


A Bit About Me


When I’m not blogging I’m doing my day job (boo).
I will take my caffeine wherever I can find it.
I am the girl that falls up the stairs, ( world’s biggest klutz ).
I’ve learned struggles in life won’t be there forever , but they will come again. I’ve learned to live with them because each struggle teaches me something I needed to learn.
Favorite quote: “Though she be but little, she is fierce.” - Shakespeare
I love, love, love travel and exploring new places. My favorite spots are Nantucket Island, Paris and Florence.
I don’t take myself too seriously and if I can make you laugh I will.
I absolutely can NOT without music . Seriously? Is that even possible?
Fashion icons: Brigette Bardot, Chanel, Kate Moss.
Favorite color: Pink, especially blush combined with gold.