The ames hotel Boston

photo via: The Ames Hotel Boston

Travel is so much more to  me than just a place to lay my head.  It fuels my creative juices, feeds my soul, and most importantly, it is truly the best form of education.

I was fortunate to have the experience of writing an editorial feature on The Ames Boston Hotel this past weekend. I was coming off of a difficult week...fighting with the landlords about my apartment that has mold, recovering from a nasty head cold, and drama from the ex who was putting unnecessary stress on my children. Bottom line - I needed to escape!!

I have done plenty of reviews of big hotels, but have been drawn to the concept of boutique hotels.  I knew The Ames was classified as a boutique property and was dying to know if it would meet my expectations: attention to detail, luxury, and superior treatment. The property exceed my expectations and then some. My instincts were right on target.

From the minute I entered the main lobby I was transfixed by the gleaming, fluttering, silver ceiling fixture, which was both fairy-tale like and chic.  The music in the lobby fit the hotel's décor which was both modern and chic.  I was transported into an immediate zen state.

photo via The Ames Boston Hotel

photo via The Ames Boston Hotel

I entered my suite, tossing my leather jacket upon a chair and ran around like a five year old at Christmas.  I had just unwrapped the best present ever.

One thing I despise when traveling is an uncomfortable bed.  I plopped down to test the bed and sank into  luxurious bedding that had me contemplating how I could make this room my permanent residence.  After five minutes of brainstorming, I had to admit that my fantasy was extremely unlikely, so I decided to set about exploring.

photo via Ames Boston Hotel

photo via Ames Boston Hotel

If a photograph tells 1,000 words than these photos speak of luxury, attention to detail, and an atmosphere of indulgence.  The photographs say, "Let me take care of you.  I will make you feel safe and give you a respite from the drudgery.  I am a very unique property and you will be made to feel special.  I would never treat you as just a number."

The King Street Tavern is on site at The Ames.  They serve dinner each night with the exception of Sunday nights.  Since it was a Sunday, my son and I opted for dinner at the North End, but ended up back at King Street Tavern for a night cap.  The booths are amazingly comfortable and it was the perfect ambiance to end an enjoyable evening.

The Tavern provides a delicious breakfast spread - yogurt parfaits, fresh fruit, bagels with cream cheese, delicate pastries, and so much more.  My son and I savored our coffee, as busy morning commuters passed by the window, and we fueled up for the busy day that awaited us both.

If we are being honest here, I am not an exercise while traveling sort of gal.  However, if you are worried about your pecs, your butt size, or just want to burn off the calories from one two many drinks at the Tavern the prior evening, the hotel gym is the place to do it.

I hugged my son as he got into his Uber car off to work for the day.  As I waited for the Valet to return with my car I said a silent thank you for being so blessed and for experiencing an evening of rejuvenation. 

I highly recommend The Ames for couples that want a romantic getaway - it is both sexy and romantic at the same time.  I also highly recommend this property for anyone who is a ball of stress -even if you never leave the bed and keep the room darkening blinds closed, you will leave relaxed.  Business travelers will appreciate the close proximity to BNY Mellon and the adjacent Starbucks...say no more.

Faneuil Hall Marketplace is a quick walk and has a ton of dining and shopping. Boston is truly a walking city, but if the weather if cold, or if you are heading out for an evening on the town, I recommend taking an Uber black car.  It's nicer than a cab and affordable.

*I would like to thank Alexandra Hynes for coordinating my stay.  I'd also like to thank the hotel staff as well as Mark Feinberg, who was extremely gracious.