Debby Lee Anderson

The Chatham Bars Inn, Chatham, MA

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Good morning, Loves. I spent the weekend at the Chatham Bars Inn, a well known New England destination. I hadn't been since the kiddos were little, so I was excited to revisit, and experience the splendid sea side resort, decked out in classic New England Christmas décor.

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My girlfriend accompanied on a blustery, gray day, and upon our arrival, we were more than ready to shake off our stiffness from the long car ride and warm our tootsies by a fire.

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We escaped the blustery winds into the warm, bustling hotel lobby. The hotel was abuzz with excitement, as the staff busily set about preparing for a wedding party that would be arriving within the hour. We found ourselves swept up in the excitement and decided we would come back for a sneak peek at the bride and her bridal party, after checking in to our suite.

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Our suite had a delicious ocean view. I felt so alive in the salty-crisp December sea air, sea gulls squawking overhead as they glided, carefree, in lazy figure eights above my head. Heaven.

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A decadent cheese plate awaited our arrival, adorned with Cape Cod cranberries and juicy red grapes. A tangy heaven of Brie and Gorgonzola, at the ready, to awaken our taste buds and expand our wastelines. With a flick of a switch the fire roared, as we sat in our stockinged feet, thrilled at our temporary escape from responsibilities and the mundane.

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Our suite had a separate bedroom with classical music streaming from the Bose Wave Radio. Both the bedroom and living room areas were equipped with flat screen televisions. The bathroom was well lit with L'Occitane amenities. Our room also had with a Nespresso coffee maker, free Wifi, and the morning paper delivered to our door bright and early.

Due to our late arrival, inability to plan ahead, and the hotel's lack of availability, the hotel spa did not fit into our agenda. The spa provides it's guests with body treatments, massages, nail services and facials.

We had a light dinner at the hotel's Sacred Cod Diner which consisted of Butternut and Apple Bisque, made with Madras Curry Créme Fraiche and salad.

With full bellies, we waddled back to our room, scrubbed our faces, talked and giggled late into the wee hours of the night. Girls just never outgrow sleepovers.

After a Nepresso (or 2 or 3 - whose counting), we enjoyed a lovely brunch in the hotel's main dining room. We welcomed the morning, in a glorified over-caffeinated-state, while overlooking the clear skies and still harbor. 

If you go during the summer months there is a boat that takes guests over to a private beach that you can only get to by boat. It's unspoiled, uninhabited and is surely a little piece of Heaven right here on earth. 

The pool is also a big draw during the warmer months, boasting an underwater sound system, cushioned chaise lounge chairs, private cabana's and pool-side dining.

The town of Chatham is just a stone's throw away and is dotted with 18th century homes, shingled hydrangea-covered cottages and stunning gardens. The village is an architectural gem with boutiques and merchants catering to visitors, looking for one of a kind treasures.

If you go:

I recommend families visit during the summer months so that children can frolic in the pool while parents bask in the sun. There are also children's activities to keep the kids busy should you want to slip away to the spa.

The off season is much quieter and makes for a perfect romantic getaway for couples looking to rekindle the flame or just enjoy some relaxation.

The annual Chatham Christmas stroll weekend is also a big event come every December. The town turns into a Dicken's novel, just waiting to get you in the spirit.

You can request a wedding package here.

I'd like to thank Jen Allard, Marketing Manager for The Chatham Bars Inn, for making my travel review possible and for providing me with accommodation. I would also like to thank my travel companion, good friend, and real-life-angel for being the Thelma to my Louise!