The Fairmont Copley

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Good morning, Loves. How was your weekend? I had the privilege of staying at The Fairmont Copley Plaza Boston, as part of my travel series. It just so happened, it was my son's 20th birthday, so we made a bit of a celebration out of it. Situated on St. James Avenue, The Fairmont, is a bejeweled grand dame, steeped in history. It's entrance hall, better known as Peacock Alley, since the 1920's, sets the stage for lavish opulence for it's guests arrival. The property exudes wealth, but is as equally rich in character and history. The resident black lab, Catie, kindly wags her tail, accepts head pats from guests, and likes to hang out by the concierge.

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The location is ideal. The Copley Place Mall (oh, hello, Tory Burch), Trinity Church, iconic Newbury Street, and amazing dining is all within walking distance.

The hotel's décor boasts of gilded coffered ceilings, crystal chandeliers, and italian marble columns. The ballroom is breathtaking and makes a stunning backdrop for elegant weddings.

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We stayed on The Fairmont Gold Floor which offers it's guests a complimentary bar, hor d'oeuvres each evening, as well as a continental breakfast.

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The Gold Floor gives one a sense of being in a private club. Equipped with roaring fires, a well stocked library, and a very helpful concierge at the ready. One of the guests arranged via the hotel to hire a string quartet to surprise a loved one.

Me to son: I know it's your birthday and all, but don't go getting any ideas. Your birthday music was delivered courtesy of the car speakers.

You will not encounter any pretentiousness here, only top notch service. Our concierge, Brad, was amazing. He went above and beyond, making us feel welcome. He even gave my son tips on navigating the city, seeing as he relocated to a local university over the weekend. He made us feel very welcome and did everything short of juggling the clementines displayed in a lovely silver bowl. He even graciously picked up the newspapers I knocked over with my travel bag.

Me to son: Well, it took me all of five minutes to knock something over.

Son: You are so awkward but it totally works for you. It's part of your charm.

Me: Ummm. Thanks?

The guest rooms have an air of quiet luxury. Our room had a soothing soft palette, crystal chandelier, room darkening blinds and a wide screen television. The bathroom was newly redone and had a supply of luxurious toiletries and big fluffy robes.

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Shortly upon arrival, we were surprised with a lovely assortment of fruit. Later in the evening, we decided to rent the movie Skyfall, (very good by the way), and we were surprised, yet again, by a delicious cheese plate. Can you say pampered?! It's becoming my new favorite word.

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The Oak Long Bar + Kitchen is the hotel's recently redone restaurant and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I wanted to capture a photo for my feature, but could not catch it at a time when it was not busy, (which is always a good sign when it comes to dining). I didn't think guests would appreciate me clicking away as they savored their Jonas Crab + Asparagus Gratin or Grilled Lamb Chops.

photo: courtesy of The Fairmont Copley

photo: courtesy of The Fairmont Copley

Being the dog lover I am, I was on the look out for Catie after having read about her. I didn't see her the day we checked in.

Me to son: I read they have a resident dog here. Did you see one?

Son: No.

Me: I was going to ask the staff, but then thought, what if something happened to her? You know the staff might have been attached...

Son thinks I'm over dramatic.

The next morning we are waiting for the valet to bring our car around to the entrance and my son is browsing around gift shop. I look down the hall and who do I see? Catie.

Me (poking head into gift shop): I found her.

Son: Who?

Me: Catie.

Son looks confused.

Me: The dog, remember?

Son follows me as I fuss over her and take photos. Apparently, she likes to not only greet visitors, but wish them farewell also. 

I'd like to extend a big thank you to Suzanne Wenz for all of her pampering and for providing arrangements. Also, thank you to, Brad Gurda, for going above and beyond.